Sowenna  Simmentals

The Hawkey’s have farmed at Tregolls since 1949 1

How it all began!


In 1990 the three brothers decided to go their own way, the farm was split into three and We took over 200 acres at Higher Tregolls. As the name implies this is a LFA status and in permanent pasture, situated in North Cornwall Nr. Wadebridge.

Originaly the suckler cow herd was split simply by calving period, we took the last lot to calve. A mixture of Limo, blondes, Hereford cross and Belgian Blue cross, on which we used a Limo Bull, later we tried a Blonde bull. Terrific cross!!

Just by chance at a local market Keith bought a Simmental bull - Washaway Jason 18 months old.  We were so impressed with his calves, their growth rates and how much quieter they were to handle, that when the opportunity  came to visit Mr Roy Loud’s Taurus Herd  we were off like a shot! The visit was very inspiring and prompted us to go to the Bristol sales the following Saturday.

So in May 2004 we purchased our first pedigree heifers and a cow with bull calf at foot. ( He was the first bull we sold for breeding).

In January 2005 we bought 2 heifers from Mr. & Mrs Christian, Woolcombe Valley Lucy And Woolcombe Valley Laura.

We’re really into this now! So we started to pick top bulls for AI. As a result in April 2006 Laura produced an outstanding bull calf by Starline Klassik. We called him SowennaTamar.


Dam: Woolcombe Valley Laura 2nd

Washaway Jason

Sowenna Sirroco - Sire Jason

Sowenna Tamar

Sire: Starline Klassik