Sowenna  Simmentals

Sowenna Tamar

Tamar was our first homebred Pedigree Simmental bull and He won his first show as a yearling at The Royal Cornwall Show.

WE brought him home and turned him out with a few heifers!

He has proved to be a winner at home as well as at shows. Tamar has sired some amazing calves for us and he is still working hard in the herd.

His calves are strong and well grown.

His heifers are now in the herd and we are using AI for these.

Sowenna Aria

Sowenna Bluebell

Our first Simmental was a bull named Washaway Jason.

We used him on Limo x and Blonde x cows and were so impressed with his temperament and the quality and growth rates of the calves that we decided to buy some Simmental females.We purchased our first Simmental girls in May 2004.